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Tenants and potential tenants - the service we offer landlords benefits you, too.  Why should you consider registering wit​h us?​

Why should you consider registering with us?

Because you get the physical benefits of the take-care-of-it-all service that we give to the landlord: super-quick response to queries – really – and proper maintenance arranged and taken care of by people who know all about its importance. 

Truly, we are an exception to the mediocre norm.

Naturally, as a tenant, you'd have to take care of sundries – blocked sinks etc – but genuine difficulties will be addressed by us with haste, because the landlord is paying us to be better in this regard than so many other agents are.

You would deal with us all the time and for all concerns (including for rent payment), so there's a constant and responsive point of contact: people ready to sort out problems, people who are capable of resolving issues.

Of course, a tenancy agreement depends on mutuality and fairness: in the same way that we're not interested in having Rachman-landlords, we are equally seeking high quality tenants who respect the property they're residing in.

To ensure this, once you've chosen a property through us, the process is broadly as follows:

We ask you to fill in an application form, so that a reference check can be carried out and the rent can be guaranteed. 

This process is chargeable to you - but though it's not refundable if you don't pass, we'll advise you before you've made the application (and payment) on the standard criteria for passing.

Once the reference is passed and the guarantee is set, we'll take a holding deposit (whose value is later essentially converted into the first month's rent) for the period leading up to when the property is actually ready for occupation. 

At the handing over of the holding deposit, we'll mark it as 'let agreed' and stop taking viewings on it, of course.

We'll also take the ingoing inventory fee, and also a document fee for the forthcoming Tenancy Agreement.

Shortly before the actual commencement of the tenancy, you pay over the security deposit, and then typically it is on the due day of the beginning of the tenancy that we ask you to electronically sign the Tenancy Agreement etc (through the very quick and easy 'DocuSign' service).

Inventories: very shortly before the moving-in, we have an independent company carry out an inventory, to detail the true condition of the property and its contents.

This independence of the inventory helps prevent arguments, and assuages any fears you may have that the landlord is going to drum up iniquitous charges: they can't, it's independent.  And thie impartiality is further reinforced by the fact that, while this inventory is paid for by you, the one carried out upon your exit - ie the check-out - is paid for by the landlord.

You detail differences against the inventory within 7 days, otherwise that's that. 

And we repeat: the check-out paid for in the landlord's fees when you go out is, remember, also carried out by the same independent company.  We aim to ensure fairness.

The security deposit: this can't ever be considered in lieu of rent, but its placement is registered independently, and it is kept in a separate account.  It is returned to you upon the expiry of the lease, less any damages specified in the check-out inventory (i.e. the moving-out inventory), or charges for breach of the Agreement.  Again, you can't say fairer than that, can you?

Basically, you are left to get on with being happy in your residence during the tenancy, but when we are needed by you, we respond. 

That's why you should consider detailing your requirement with us. 

Yes, we're a pretty new company.  But not so long ago, the internet was new, smartphones were new.  And any good new way of going about things simply identifies a good way of going about things.

We go about things in a great way.

Please call us on 01371 507 103. or alternatively pop an email in to us at

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Moss Pilates, London

Moss Pilates, London

"When we were creating our new Pilates studio from scratch, we came across Topservice through one of the letters they sent out.

We gave our requirement to them, they quoted, we discussed aspects of design - on which they were very helpful - and found very quick agreement on the best way forward.

We then left them to it, allowing us to get on with the running of our business.

Topservice fully project-managed the works and completed them to budget, on time, and very professionally (including the courtesy and consideration shown to other users of the building).

Not did we once have a snag that wasn't resolved almost immediately.

It's a great crew, creating a great result.  Topservice were totally reliable, totally honest.

They have the competence and the skills: I would recommend them to anyone.

Indeed we have recommended them to several others - successfully."

C Moss

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House & Barn, Essex

House & Barn, Essex