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Topservice Lettings : Landlords


You want your property to bring in top dollar – month after month.  And you don't want to worry about the details.  It all comes together with us.

I can't guarantee the 1% vacancy rate for you that I get on my properties.  But my new company will give you the very best chance of it.

No worries

​If you're inexperienced, you don't want your foray into property to be a damp squib, barely earning more than the outlays, with you feeling you might as well not have bothered.

Worse yet, it all explodes in your face – ending in a nightmare of recriminations and legal wrangling.

You may have heard that rents are high at the moment, so the demand is there no matter what the property's like or how the letting is run. Not so. There are a lot of discerning and rightly demanding people out there – Rachman-renting doesn't work nowadays.

You can get fantastic money from letting a property – if it's of the right standards and if it's run to the right standards.

How, without micro-managing it yourself, are you going to be sure your agent is doing it properly for you?  My company is especially aimed at you, the person who simply wants it to work properly, who wants it without the stress.

But even if you are experienced, are you content with that experience?  With the service you've had?  The rents you've been receiving?  The fees you've been getting charged?  The vacancy rate?

I am certain what's got me success: and I can make this thing – which sets me apart from other agents – work for you.

Moreover, my rates will be ultra-competitive*.

Why do I achieve top-paying tenant after top-paying tenant, term after term?

Estate agents may be okay at selling houses.  Other letting agents may be okay at getting properties advertised.

And just like them, if you come with us, we'll be putting your property on the Rightmove website and getting it very visibly seen.  But that's not enough.  That's not the secret.

The secret

​The secret is in the quality and extent of the management of my properties.

Estate agents aren't always focused on lettings.  And lettings agents?

Well, other agencies offer 'management' of course.  But I repeat: my vacancy rate is exceptional – their 'management' isn't my 'management'.

So although I've used agents in the past, I've always done the managing – because I've got the skills, knowledge and resources from having run a refurbishments company for many years.

I know what makes a good property.  And I know how to make a property good.

Very, very few agents have that experience or those resources at their disposal.  Good management sounds simple, but so few do it. I do – did I mention the vacancy rate?

What my company offers you:

The full service: how to prepare, how to maximise the potential rent.  I've often been told to go for a lower rent by an agent.  I've ignored them  – and I've been right – again, have a look at that vacancy rate.  We won't settle for the easy life telling you to go for a lower rent so we can get a quick fee.  While being realistic (you can't charge for junk) we'll advise on how to get top money for your property.  If it requires improvement, we'll tell you how to do it.  You have the option of using my extremely competitive company to make the improvements if you want.  You get exactly the same attention and service if you don't.

We take care of all the necessaries – we'll arrange everything – the getting of a gas certificate, the electrical certificate, the EPC, the referencing, the guaranteeing, No tenant will rent a property from us without a full rent guarantee being in place, the inventory, the rent collection, the property inspection, the handling of the deposit at the end of the let, and all the documents from start to finish. We do it all: you'll find that many agents actually don't – e.g. on rent-collecting.

​ Extreme respons​e:  the concentration of energy, skills and resources I bring to bear on this facet is key to the success of your enterprise.  It's how the tenant, who is your customer, is dealt with.  All agents will suggest they'll respond quickly to queries/requests/complaints.  So few actually do.  I do – the proof's in the pudding.  And my service and success with you depends upon it: speed is of the essence.  Even if one is being quite firm with the tenant (you're not baby-sitting them) they're assured they're being taken seriously.  It's easy to underestimate the importance of this.  We won't.  We really will deal with it, and you really can sit back and relax – knowing your customer's concerns are being addressed.

Please contact us for a valuation – and for some help: entirely free of obligation.  And then think about what we offer that's different.

We may be new company, but we're founded upon exceptional experience.

​*Our charges are ultra competitive.  Not only because, for the first few customers, we won't be charging VAT – it's a new company! – but we're very keen on showing as many people as possible what we can do.  I mean it: ultra competitive.​


Topservice Lettings : Tenants


Why should you consider registering wit​h us?​

We're a still a new company, so – as you will see! – we only have a few properties to offer at the moment.  But primarily because of the special service we offer landlords, we expect to grow quickly.

And you get the physical benefits of the take-care-of-it-all service that we give to the landlord: super-quick response to queries – really – and proper maintenance arranged and taken care of by people who know all about its importance.  Truly, we will be an exception to the mediocre norm.

Naturally, as a tenant, you'd have to take care of sundries – lightbulb changing, blocked sinks etc – but genuine difficulties will be addressed by us with haste, because the landlord is paying us to be better in this regard than so many other agents are.

You would deal with us all the time and for all concerns (including for rent payment), so there's a constant and responsive point of contact: people ready to sort out problems, people who are capable of resolving issues.

Of course, a tenancy agreement depends on mutuality and fairness: in the same way that we're not interested in having Rachman-landlords, we are equally seeking high quality tenants who respect the property they're residing in.

To ensure this, once you've chosen a property through us, the process is broadly as follows:

We'll take a holding deposit (whose value is later deducted from the other monies you pay at the begining of your tenancy - or, inthe case of an unsuccessful application, this deposit returned to you unless you've not been truthful or proper in your referencing/guarantee information, or if the process has been stopped by you).

We ask you to fill in an application form, so that we can carry out a reference check and the rent can be guaranteed.  This process is chargeable to you.  And though not refundable if you don't pass, we'll advise you before you've made the application on the standard criteria for passing.

Once the guarantee etc is in place, upon the commencement of the tenancy, you sign the Tenancy Agreement (the administration of which is also chargeable, as it is on extensions to the tenancy) and you pay the security deposit and also the first month's rent (all rent is payable monthly in advance).  The value of the holding deposit, which you paid at the start of the process, is deducted from the first month's rent, thus effectively paying this deposit back to you.

The security deposit can't ever be considered in lieu of rent, but its placement is registered independently, and it is kept in a separate account.  It is returned to you upon the expiry of the lease, less any damages specified in the second inventory (i.e. the moving-out inventory), or charges for breach of the Agreement.

Inventories: very shortly before your moving in, we have an independent company carry out an inventory, to detail the true condition of the property and its contents. This inventory is paid for by you, and the one carried out upon your exit is paid for (within their management charges) by the landlord.

The independence of the inventory helps prevent arguments, or your fears that the landlord is going to drum up iniquitous charges: they can't, it's independent.  And this impartiality is further reinforced by both the tenant and landlord each paying for one of the inventories.

You detail differences against the inventory within 7 days, otherwise that's that.  And the one paid in the landlord's fees when you go out is, remember, equally by the same independent company.  Can't say fairer than that, can you?

You then get on with being happy in your residence.

That's why you should consider detailing your requirement with us.  Yes, we're a new company.  But not so long ago, the internet was new.  Smartphones were new.  A good new way of going about things is a good way of going about things.

We're new – and we're very good.

Make It Better

We've undertaken many complete refurbishment projects on buy to let properties.

As with our other domestic refurbishments we handle the whole job, we run everything, and we are easily contactable to answer queries immediately.

We're a bit different from other renovation companies. Your whole purpose is to actually get the property let; and, although throwing in a cheap kitchen and cheap bathroom might initially appeal, doing so will not get the prospective tenants signing leases.

There are people who are prepared to pay good money to live in your property - but only when there is some quality.

The level to which we refurbish enables you to achieve the highest possible rents in the area: the high quality of our work means we genuinely create value for you. You don't want to be overcharged for the refurbishment - but you also need to let the place earn to its potential: something only achievable with a well and properly renovated property. With us, you'll get value, and get the tenants you're seeking.

Our quality doesn't mean we lack pace. We do understand - and we are very able to satisfy - your need for speed, with the ability to achieve a high level of finish extremely quickly.

Use Topservice to renovate your property to the finest standard, within budget, to deadline - and be assured of the best return you can get.

Please see our Portfolio page for examples of completed buy-to-let projects.

Interested in having your property let and managed by people who know all about keeping it in excellent order – and using that to achieve:

  • great rents from
  • top tenants with
  • minimal vacancy rates


Moss Pilates, London

Moss Pilates, London

"When we were creating our new Pilates studio from scratch, we came across Topservice through one of the letters they sent out.

We gave our requirement to them, they quoted, we discussed aspects of design - on which they were very helpful - and found very quick agreement on the best way forward.

We then left them to it, allowing us to get on with the running of our business.

Topservice fully project-managed the works and completed them to budget, on time, and very professionally (including the courtesy and consideration shown to other users of the building).

Not did we once have a snag that wasn't resolved almost immediately.

It's a great crew, creating a great result.  Topservice were totally reliable, totally honest.

They have the competence and the skills: I would recommend them to anyone.

Indeed we have recommended them to several others - successfully."

C Moss

Latest project

House & Barn, Essex

House & Barn, Essex