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Topservice Lettings : Landlords

Residental landlords, commercial landlords, buy-to-let, inheritance and potential landlords - we're different, and we're here for you.

You want your property to bring in top dollar – month after month.  You want it to be in good shape – to increase in its value as much as possible.   And you don't want to worry about the details. 

It all comes together with us.

Well okay, but why in particular choose Topservice Lettings LLP rather than any of the usual names in the rental market?  Let us explain.

First, a distinction. (i) You can get good money over the long term from letting a property to the right tenant quickly. (ii) Believe us – that's a very different thing to just getting it 'let'.

The right tenant is the thing that all landlords desire, but is something out of the norm.  A 100% reliable payer.  At high end rent.  Who often seeks to renew their tenancy.

Who, when they do go – new needs, growing families, business changes  –  they go smartly and allow as short a period as possible until the next occupant of similar calibre is able to be moved smoothly in.

The opportunity is there to get that tenant as your tenant.

Something sets them apart.  Something sets us apart.

There are some discerning and rightly demanding people out there.  Not a huge amount of them, but enough. 

And they're the people you want to attract.  For they're prepared and able to pay higher rents, month after month, year after year, for good properties that are well managed.

That's to say for properties that are both of the right standards and run to the right standards. 

How to identify them and bring those people into that position, and make sure they're treated appropriately?  That's the aim.

Estate agents aren't always keen on even the basic tenant-finding part of lettings.  Let alone the more involved day-to-day aspects.  They prefer the instant hit that closing a sale provides.

Often, though, even agents devoted solely to lettings –  and they're a rare breed – still cannot properly see or carry out what is required to service your need.

True, they'll be okay at getting properties advertised. 

But then just like them, if you come with us, of course we'll be putting your property on the Rightmove website and getting it very visibly seen.  

It's not enough.

We repeat –  even if successful, letting is different to letting to the right tenant.

To start with: how to attract them.  While being realistic, we'll advise on how to get good money for your property.  If it requires improvement, we'll tell you how to do it.  You have the option of using our very competitive sister company, Topservice (Refurbishments) Ltd, to make the improvements if you want.  You get exactly the same attention and service if you don't.  But if you're going to go for the discerning tenant, then expect them to discern.

With things getting going, we also take care of all the necessaries – we arrange everything – the getting of a gas certificate, the electrical certificate, the EPC, the inventory, the rent collection, the property inspection, the handling of the deposit at the end of the let, and all the documents from start to finish.

What we'll also handle is, crucially, the referencing and the guaranteeing.  It's this that confirms your interested prospective tenant will become the right tenant.

The only tenant who'll rent a property from us without a robust rent guarantee being in place will be the one who pays full rent in advance.

And then, the management.  Naturally, some other agents will offer management, too.

Their 'management' isn't our management.

There's a difference in its quality, its extent, in the skills, knowledge and resources that come from this group of people having run a refurbishment company for many years.

Experience and resources we're always able to call upon.  That others simply don't have.

This doesn't mean that we'll be detailing work needing to be done all the time.  It simply means that the property gets the proper attention it needs, and the tenant is kept properly content.  

You can relax, stress-free, in the knowledge that your lovely, wealth-enhancing customer is having their concerns actually addressed.

The customer who's much more likely to want to renew next time around.  And who you'll be delighted to keep.

So finally, we ask this.

Even if you are experienced in the lettings world, are you content with that experience?  With the service you've had?  The rents you've been receiving?  With your vacancy rate?

Oh, and with the fees you've been charged.  We haven't even mentioned those yet.  Our charges are very competitive: we're very keen on showing as many people as possible what we can do. 

We mean it: very competitive.​

We're quite a new company, but we're founded upon exceptional experience.  Do give us a try.

You can call us on 01371 507 103. or alternatively pop an email in to us at

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Moss Pilates, London

Moss Pilates, London

"When we were creating our new Pilates studio from scratch, we came across Topservice through one of the letters they sent out.

We gave our requirement to them, they quoted, we discussed aspects of design - on which they were very helpful - and found very quick agreement on the best way forward.

We then left them to it, allowing us to get on with the running of our business.

Topservice fully project-managed the works and completed them to budget, on time, and very professionally (including the courtesy and consideration shown to other users of the building).

Not did we once have a snag that wasn't resolved almost immediately.

It's a great crew, creating a great result.  Topservice were totally reliable, totally honest.

They have the competence and the skills: I would recommend them to anyone.

Indeed we have recommended them to several others - successfully."

C Moss

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